Last week, the U.S. agreed to stay in the Universal Postal Union (UPU). “The wha?” The Universal Postal Union! You know, the United Nations group that has regulated international mail service for over a century! The UPU does the hard work of setting the rules for international mail exchanges and connecting the postal sector network worldwide. The Trump admin threatened to leave the UPU if its members didn’t alter the fees system for delivering mail and small packages internationally. The system is outdated and other presidents have expressed frustrations about it, but to up and leave the UPU (a truly Trumpian move) would be…rash. As members of the UPU, U.S. election officials can send ballots at a low cost to our Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) voters. Not only would exiting the UPU increase the shipping costs of your Korean skin care products, it would also increase the cost of sending and receiving ballots - from an average of $7 per ballot to $30-70 per ballot. And a DoD study showed “the voting rate of Americans living abroad would have increased from 7-37.5%, if overseas obstacles to voting were removed.” Increasing the cost of sending and receiving ballots overseas seems like an obstacle to us. Good news is, we very narrowly averted a crisis by not withdrawing from the UPU. The deal struck last week will allow the U.S. and other countries to start setting their own postal fees next year. And while we won’t know for certain what the costs will be until the new rates are set, we’re breathing a sigh of relief because common sense reigned supreme here.