Imagine coming to the US as a small child, and building an entire life here (job, taxes, family...etc.), then being told you’re going to be deported to a country whose language you may not speak, and whose culture you may not know. If that sounds cruel and unreasonable, you should find the Trump administration’s rescinding of DACA (Obama’s temporary protection order of some 800,000 people who are American in every way but their papers), exactly that: cruel and unreasonable. The president who pardoned a sheriff who’s guilty of horrific abuse, primarily directed at Latinos, appears to be insistent on getting Congress to fund the border wall with Mexico, and seems to have no qualms about putting the most vulnerable among us at risk to get his way. But DREAMers are real people with real lives, and they cannot be held hostage for any political demands. DACA was a response to a broken political system that failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform. With this decision, a cruel, dysfunctional White House punted to a dysfunctional Congress to do what it had previously failed to accomplish—fix our immigration system. The legislative fix for the DREAMers is the Dream Act and a clean version of it must pass. You can do something about this by telling your representatives to pass the DREAM Act, and you can do it here.

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