Before she was chased by protesters from a Mexican restaurant in DC over family separation at the border,  DHS Secretary Nielsen made a trip to Israel, which received scant attention in the national media despite posing significant domestic and foreign policy implications. The DHS Office of Public Affairs (OPA) issued multiple press releases during the fun-filled ‘let’s adopt discriminatory policies’ tour. The first press release (Jun. 8) discusses Secretary Nielsen’s itinerary, beginning with the inaugural International Homeland Security Forum in “Jerusalem, Israel. Unlike prior U.S. government content that remained neutral on the status of Jerusalem, the Trump Administration wanted to make a point here on its wrong-headed recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. With respect to human rights, the second (Jun. 12) and third (Jun. 13) press releases are just plain insulting. You should read Secretary Nielsen’s entire speech from the forum, but we’ll provide one salient quote: “Border security is national security.  Our Israeli partners know that better than anyone, and I was fortunate today to see the incredible work they are doing to keep their territory safe.” Even if you set aside the killing of unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza (not that anyone should), that a U.S. official is endorsing the border policies of a country that openly discriminates against Americans is yet another incomprehensible insult to the American people by this administration. They’ve gone from defending the IDF, to invoking their policies without qualification—and that is an abdication of both leadership and morality.