Being squeezed from all directions, the Palestinians could really use a pep talk right now. Well, can you guess who actually did give them a pep talk? No, it’s not the first 80,000 people you thought of, It’s actually John Kerry, the previous US Senator from Massachusetts and Obama’s Secretary of State. Get this: He reportedly told Palestinian leaders to “stay strong” and “play for time,” speculating that Trump might not be in the White House for too long, and that the Palestinians should basically resist his attempts to bully them into submission. Kerry even had a piece of advice to Palestinians, urging them to present their own peace plan, presumably to counter the narrative that they reject peace efforts, and even offered to help them gain international support. This is incredibly kind of Kerry, but do you know when all of this would’ve been more helpful? WHEN HIS ADMINISTRATION WAS IN POWER! Sorry for the yelling, but when people who regularly deal with “Arab time” think you’re late, you’re probably REALLY late.