Posted by on December 21, 2010 in Blog

One of AAI's own was profiled in December's Washington Diplomat. Nawaf Soliman, CEO of Object Design & Communications (and calligrapher extraordinaire) was featured in the magazine's business section. The article showcases Nawaf's 15 years of work "customizing advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns to target ethnic minority groups throughout the United States."

Nawaf's friends and colleagues have long been aware of his commitment to tolerance, education, and understanding. He doesn't just believe it, he lives it. And he brings this to his business, as well, recognizing that citing demographics is not the same thing as knowing your audience. Taking time to listen to diverse ethnic voices has expanded Nawaf's approach to his business.  We always knew he was a model for cultural understanding -- we're proud to see he's a model for entrepreneurs, too! Congratulations Nawaf.