We're not sure what has changed the Obama Administration's calculation of the cost of Israeli home demolitions, but something seems to have escalated. The village of Susiya has been demolished multiple times, starting in 2001, and it might happen again very soon. Remember, it was just one short year ago that people across the U.S. rallied to pressure Secretary Kerry to stop Israel from wiping out the Palestinian village, which the Israeli occupation forces claim are built illegally. Well it's ground hogs day folks, because once again U.S. organizations are putting pressure on the State Department to save Susiya from imminent demolition - an effort that might work once again. Earlier this week an anonymous source warned of a "severe reaction" from the U.S. if Israel moves forward with demolition plans, and just yesterday U.S. Consulate General paid the village an in-person visit. That's tough talk from the U.S. in comparison to the typical denunciations - but not warnings - issued when the Israeli occupation continues apace. But while the U.S. is still talking tough, Israel is actually getting tough(er). The drama unfolding with humanitarian organizations in Gaza is case in point. Right in line with the narrative Israel has built for years - the international NGOs are nefariously working against the state of Israel - the IDF arrested and brought charges against the Gaza director of one of the largest, most well-respected NGOs in the world, World Vision. Charged with aiding Hamas to the tune of $50 million in charitable funds, the charges are being cautiously disputed while the evidence to prove these charges remains an Israeli secret. But that hasn't stopped Israel from bringing similar charges against the UN Development Programme and Save the Children. It seems to many that Israel is systematically trying to scare humanitarian NGOs out of Gaza, clearing what is an open air prison for so many from international inspectors, accountability, and badly needed resources. But that isn't all of Israel's tough talk this week. In a move that will only shock those who aren't paying attention, the Israeli Public Security Minister launched a program where citizens can report tourists who are BDS activists so they can be deported. Now that is more than just tough talk.