The news of a successfully negotiated $38billion/year Memorandum of Understanding the U.S. and Israel for has us flummoxed. It seems to us that no matter what Israel does, we keep on doling out the presents. We're willing to consider that $38billion a year might actually be a cap on U.S. support rather than an extraordinary escalation, especially because there is at least one person in Congress already saying that he wished it'd be more. And given that Trump and Clinton both seem more likely to cozy up to Netanyahu way more than President Obama has, this hammered out commitment might just keep things restrained (if you can call $38billion restrained). Let's not forget Clinton's love letter to Netanyahu and Trump's recent support for Netanyahu's APPALLING comments that equated settlement criticism with ethnic cleansing. Yes, the Trump campaign has stood by those remarks, even while some leading American Jewish groups, including the ADL, have critiqued them. Even though we might understand that this deal might be preventing something more egregious down the line, it doesn't make it right. How can it possibly be in the U.S.'s best interest to commit to a 10 year deal with a nation that has proven its intention to illegally annex more and more Palestinian territory? And we're going to enter into a long term agreement with a nation that seems to have no regard for American citizens who are killed by their military in what appears to be an extrajudicial shooting? With Israel, why does bad behavior keep being rewarded?