The U.S.’s ETF unit began operations against ISIL on the ground (not from the sky) last December, and recently captured it’s first – and reportedly significant - ISIL operative. We’re hearing all kinds of assurances of what this won’t be: it won’t be an indefinite detention; it won’t be anything less than transparent for international observers; it won’t be torture; it won’t devolve into an Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo situation. But we are left wondering what it will be because the U.S. is broadcasting plans to have a “wave of detainees” and at the same time trying to avoid the diplomatic tight rope walk it faced with its first ISIL detainee Umm Sayyaf last year. With more detainees likely to come, it seems the U.S. is trying to normalize the process for questioning the terrorists and rather quickly handing them over to the Iraqi and Kurdish leaders. It is precisely at times like these that we should all be pleased that  a lot of questions are being asked.