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Bob Turner’s stance on Park 51 is hardly a secret. He made pillorizing the mosque a cornerstone of his failed 2010 campaign against Anthony Weiner. He held a rally against it on September 7, 2010. And the people in New York’s 9th District said no—to Bob Turner and his hateful campaign tactics.

This year, he’s dredging up the same bigotry. We all thought this campaign had reached historic lows with its incessant pandering and posturing on the Middle East. But now Turner is dragging the September 13 special election to the true nadir of politics. His television spot politicizing the mosque ran throughout the city, and has remained on the front page of his website for months. And in the days before this week’s 9/11 memorials, Bob Turner struck again. A print ad sponsored by the New York GOP was sent to homes throughout NY-9, juxtaposing images of a mosque with images of the fallen Twin Towers.

Turner’s Park 51-related sensationalist tactics are the basest form of disrespect. Bob Turner’s campaign diminishes our nation’s grief. It disregards our common determination to move forward. It disrespects the memory of those who fell on 9/11 by using their deaths as a political maneuver. And it shows the deepest contempt for the very freedoms and rights on which this country was founded.

We urge you to contact Bob Turner’s campaign (718) 480-1972 and the New York GOP (518) 462-2601. Tell them that you, as an American and as a voter, will not stand for the use of hatred for political gain.

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