Posted by Shadi Matar on December 08, 2014 in Blog

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee held their Turaath concert last week at the Lincoln Theater in Washington, D.C.. “Turaath” is an Arabic word meaning heritage, folklore, and tradition - the event is a celebration Arab American culture as well as the influence Arab culture has had on music. The concert featured renowned composer, violinist, and oud player Simon Shaheen, as well as other talented musicians, singers, and dancers. The theme was “Arab Music from Baghdad to Andalusia” and the packed theater enjoyed performances that mixed Arab and Spanish rhythms and showcased the Flamenco dancing of Auxi Fernandez.

The whole evening was a powerful demonstration of how other cultures influence and shape Arab music, dance, poetry, and more. Shaheen’s style draws from classical western music, traditional Arabic Jazz, and Spanish fusion. Turaath is a great example of how different musical influences can come together to create beautiful music and inspiring cross-cultural collaborations.