It’s getting to be summer travel season and people are angry. Long lines, ineffective security practices, over-budget government bureaucracies - it all adds up to an irritated Congress and a couple terminations in the Transportation Authority’s upper echelons. While the efficiency versus safety debate rages in the States, it’s worth remembering that it’s also the time of year we start hearing one case after another about Arab Americans who get detained, harassed, and denied entry at Israeli borders when they’re trying to enjoy a vacation or sometimes see a dying family member - - yes, we have those cases too. We here at AAI have had several recent meetings with State Department officials about the undeniable discrimination that U.S. citizens face at the border in an effort to get our government to do something about an ally mistreating its citizens. It’s an issue we’ve been pressing consistently for decades. We were thrilled to see our allies at Jewish Voice for Peace unleash a powerful image this week in solidarity with the cause; we know it adds to the pressure the State Department is under to hold Israel (who might be getting a $601 million cherry on the top of their annual aid package from the US next year) accountable for baseless discrimination at its border.