This week Republican presidential candidates helped carry on Sheldon Adelson’s charade trying to cast GOP Jewish American voters as a single issue constituency which can be wrapped up without much effort. The annual Republican Jewish Coalition conference in Las Vegas allowed Ben Carson and Donald Trump to really stand out from the still crowded primary field. The two GOP leaders made a lasting impression on the crowd by mispronouncing Hamas as “hummus” (Carson totally flubbed) and resorting to deplorable stereotypes and outright insults (Trump got jeered). The two GOP leaders are trying to make up for their poor performances - both planned a trip to Israel in the near future, although as of this morning Trump has ‘postponed’ his. Keep in mind, this Sheldon Adelson-convened group is only a fraction of the Republican Jewish American community; candidates weren’t courting a huge number of votes as much as they were continuing to court Adelson’s money. But the purse strings are reportedly still tied, and the rigmarole isn’t likely to be avoided.