The Democrats have finally found a way to wrestle some headlines away from the Republicans, but it isn’t the press they were hoping for. Drama was the defining headline of last week’s Democratic National Committee (DNC) summer meeting in Minneapolis. Not only was there quite a squabble over a resolution in support of the Democratic President’s Iran deal, but the previous whispers of rebellion in the ranks exploded front and center at the conference. Surging candidate Bernie Sanders received a warm welcome, but it was former Governor of Maryland that really went for the jugular of the DNC’s leadership team. Starting the hashtag #WeNeedDebate, O’Malley ruthlessly stressed how very undemocratic the Democratic party has become this election cycle by only hosting a measly 4 debates ahead of early primary dates in key states. O’Malley’s speech was a finger directly in the eye of the DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The Congresswoman and DNC leader has been badgered with criticism by O’Malley, Sanders, and others about her questionable leadership generally, and the “rigged” debate schedule more specifically. Take that Trump.