It's been a quick and confusing ride on the Trump train's detour through new options for his immigration plans. After "softening" his deportation policy for undocumented immigrants, Trump allowed his spokespeople to continue down the more humane lane (which was presenting a real challenge to Democratic messaging) until he pulled the rug out from  under their feet with his Mexican rendezvous yesterday. In a strange appearance alongside the unpopular President of Mexico, the equally unpopular Donald Trump made his best go at diplomacy to date. It wasn't a bad showing for what it was - but there's a lot to say about what it wasn't. It left a lot of people crying foul because of Trump’s radically different temperament and glaring omission of his most popular rally cry, "We're going to build a wall. And Mexico is going to pay for it." According to Trump, they talked about the wall but not about who will pay for it. According to Nieto, he made it clear that Mexico will not pay for any wall. While Nieto and Trump tried to cover their tracks on the most electric issue that should have been discussed, Trump put the matter to bed when he took the stage in Arizona shortly thereafter. Trump was unequivocal in stating there will be a wall, Mexico will pay for it, there will be a deportation force to apprehend undocumented immigrants and remove them, there will be no Syrian refugees given safe haven, and there will be "extreme vetting" for any and all visas issued that includes an ideological test. None of this is new for Trump’s radical immigration plan, but it does make the Tump spokespeople look a little foolish for continuing to sell some sort of pivot on the issue. Not gonna happen.