Coming up on 100 days in office, President Trump has only just started taking his advanced foreign policy lessons this past week. Typical Trump, his answer to every test question seems to be tough talk, now coupled with a very tough walk. The President’s historic saber rattling in Syria (it wasn’t much more than that, tactically speaking) and with his provocations vis a vis North Korea might be scaring Americans and our allies more than its intended targets. In fact, Americans – whether or not they support the strikes in Syria – are just confused. Over seven days, Trump went from accepting Assad to attacking him, from boasting about the strike to having to whine in it’s defense, from confident China would be convinced to help with North Korea, to going it alone. And if we’re confused, we can’t imagine what our friends around the world are thinking. And add to that the dangerous mixed messages being sent by Trump’s advisors. The incoherence is truly frightening; we just hope President Trump is learning fast and preparing some better answers soon.

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