Now that we’ve been forced to take Trump seriously after 3 huge primary victories, we really want to get a sense of what this will mean beyond the sensational bans, walls, and pig’s blood dipped bullets (not over it). The Donald promised the nation he will release the names of foreign policy advisors on his “great team” this week - - and he hasn’t yet. You’ll understand our anxiety in light of the fact that Trump explained his rationale behind the “Muslim ban” by citing the work of Frank Gaffney’s group – the Center for Security Policy (CSP). Gaffney is a notorious Islamophobe and his group was recently cited as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report. We hope against hope that Trump’s Gaffney predilection isn’t an indication of the type of “experts” he’s assembled for his foreign policy team. We’re past ready to find out.