Businessman and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has been on a fear-mongering media blitz in response to the tragic Orlando mass shooting. His teleprompter speech expanded his plans for the “Muslim Ban” policy he’s long endorsed, and he repeatedly condemned all American Muslims for supposedly knowing about the plans of the criminals who perpetrated the Orlando and San Bernardino mass shootings but not turning them in. Afterwards, Trump not once but twice insinuated that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is on the side of the terrorists. Yesterday, Trump called for surveilling mosques, again. We thank the many voices (Republican leaders, LGBTQ allies, interfaith leaders, journalists, and many more) who refuse to use the Orlando shooting to justify this particular breed of bigotry and the many unconstitutional polices Trump is pushing. We do not thank those public personalities like Newt Gingrich who support these policies and even go so far as to propose resurrecting the “House Un-American Activities Committee” - - a committee that remains a scourge on the history of America. As Orlando made clear, bigotry is a threat to our security.