It’s hard to put Trump and “strategy” in the same sentence, given the President’s tendency to fire reckless, unadvisable tweets at all hours of the day, but he did release his official “National Security Strategy,” so we had to put that sentence together. But when you see the Washington Post reporting that Trump “may not have read” his own national security strategy, you realize we’re back in la la land where we belong. So how is this strategy document different from previous administrations’? For starters, it fails to note the seriousness of climate change as a threat to our world. Instead, it focuses on “countering an anti-growth energy agenda” (it’s about time someone stood up to the anti-growth lobby). The document also officially lets Israel off the hook, criticizing conventional wisdom held for “generations” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict being “understood as the prime irritant preventing peace and prosperity in the region.” The document now says “Israel is not the cause of the region’s problems.” Um, no sane person ever suggested Israel was the source of all problems in the region, but to pretend their US-enabled occupation of Arab lands, regular disregard for borders and historic abuse of Palestinian rights isn’t a major strategic problem for the US in the region is just willful blindness, in line with the “climate change isn’t real” fantasy. Oh, did we mention they took nuclear non-proliferation off the agenda too? If you want to read more of this impressive document, it’s here.