While the general election campaign trail in the U.S. hasn't been too kind to Donald Trump, his efforts to court votes from American expats in Israel is notably succeeding in finding new audiences, and they are settlers. Trump's new office in Israel is indeed inside of a settlement in the Occupied West Bank, and settlements are illegal under international law (as if you need reminding). We've been tracking the Trump campaign in Israel for a while now because it struck us as an unprecedented and important development in Trump's previously unclear approach to the conflict. Now that approach seems to be clearing up with his incorporation of the settlement movement into his campaign. Trump's Israel infrastructure is reportedly the largest campaign effort in any country in the world outside of the U.S., but it is also a more expansive campaign than what Trump has going in Florida. That's astonishing considering the 300,000 votes he is trying to win in Israel versus the 8 million votes up for grabs in the important swing state, but we're not campaign strategists over here. Perhaps Trump is focusing on Israel to appease and attract the dollars of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who Trump met with last week. The country is still waiting to see just how much money Adelson donates to the Trump cause. So far, the $100 million he teased earlier this year hasn't materialized. If it does, we're wondering where it will go.