Posted by Omar Baddar on January 29, 2020 in Blog

Arab American Institute Executive Director Maya Berry issued the following statement on President Trump’s “Peace to Prosperity” Plan:

"Today, President Donald Trump unveiled 'Peace to Prosperity,' his plan for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In reality, this is a one-sided proposal that violates international law and aims to coerce Palestinians to surrender their basic rights."

"The President included no Palestinian voices in the creation of the plan, which would confine Palestinians to small areas under Israeli captivity. Consequently, the plan has already been rejected by Palestinians themselves and by the United Nations. The U.N. reiterated that it remains committed to peace 'on the basis of United Nations resolutions, international law and bilateral agreements and realizing the vision of two States - Israel and Palestine - living side by side in peace and security within recognized borders, on the basis of the pre-1967 lines.' Indeed, the Trump plan is premised on denying Palestinians sovereignty, in contrast to the 138 countries, as well as the United Nations, that already recognize Palestine. Palestinians deserve what existing treaties and international law have long promised: genuine independence and self-determination."

"As it stands, President Trump's plan is an apartheid proposal, pure and simple. Alarmingly, Israel has already announced a vote on Sunday to annex 30% of the West Bank in accordance with President Trump’s proposal. If we wish to see a future of any peace or justice in the region, Congress must exercise its power of oversight and oppose this plan. Inaction in this moment is complicity in the face of all that we claim to stand against: oppression, intolerance, illegal annexation, population transfers, and apartheid laws. The American people will continue to support dignity, freedom, and human rights for Palestinians."