At the end of last week, Trump met with the Israeli Prime Minister right off Bibi's first ever apology tour (wait, wait, it wasn't an apology). Netanyahu didn't need to butter up the Trump audience, though. We know that from Trump's previous endorsement of Israeli settlement growth - an endorsement so strong that he actually set up shop in a West Bank settlement. Well, last week Trump went one step further and promised Bibi that as President he would recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel and move the U.S. Embassy there (it is currently in Tel Aviv). While the foolish promise has been made by a few past candidates for President, successive Democratic and Republican Presidents have refused to implement a Congressional mandate to do that very thing. Now it’s an annual embarrassment when Congress issues its opinion that the President should listen to them and move the Embassy. But Congress can't define U.S. foreign policy and we've been fortunate to have peace-believing Presidents who understand what a big, huge, earth shattering move it would be if the U.S. were to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem at the expense of any Palestinian future. Trump's affinity for defying political correctness has won him a lot of support, but maybe just maybe the issue of Jerusalem is finally when Trump learns that a little political correctness can go a long way in upholding U.S. credibility, morality, and above all else - how it can spare lives. But then again, Trump just got a small token ($25 million) of appreciation from Sheldon Adelsen, so maybe he learned just the opposite.