Donald Trump is, to the surprise of absolutely no one who hasn’t been in a coma for the last three years, stirring the pot at home and abroad. At home, Trump has decided that he is above the law, declaring that his administration will not cooperate with Congress’s impeachment inquiry (checks & balances, anyone?). And have you taken a look at the Middle East lately? Egypt has arrested thousands of anti-corruption protesters. Iraq has killed over 100 anti-corruption protesters. And you know about Palestine and Yemen and tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Or as Tom Friedman put it this week: “the Middle East may look calm right now…” (um, the Countdown team would like whatever he’s smoking ASAP). And then came the big news: Donald Trump (to the surprise of everyone, including his GOP enablers) suddenly moved U.S. troops from a critical buffer zone on the Turkish-Syrian border, clearing the way for a Turkish assault on the Kurds. So why is Trump abandoning the Kurds? Because he’s done with “policing” the Middle East at the cost of TRILLIONS of dollars and millions of lives, he just wants to “end the ENDLESS WARS.” Right, the guy who expanded drone warfare and significantly increased civilian casualties from U.S. bombings is actually a hippie anti-war activist deep inside. Well, from the Countdown team to the Kurds being bombed, the Palestinians being driven off their lands, the Iraqis getting shot, the Egyptians being imprisoned, and the Americans trying to maintain a functioning constitutional democracy in the Trump era: Good luck!