Last week’s devastating hate crimes committed in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, demonstrate the escalation of racism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism in this country. In solidarity with those affected in these despicable acts of violence and with our civil rights partners, AAI has engaged in multiple actions and shared some of our research findings on hate crime. On Tuesday, AAI Executive Director Maya Berry spoke at an event organized by Bend the Arc Jewish Action and other groups in front of the White House. Based on our own research into state-level hate crime statistics, we are regrettably expecting  another major increase in the FBI’s 2017 hate crime statistics due out later this month. Hate crimes against multiple communities have contributed to this expected increase, what will be the first three-year consecutive annual increase in hate crime since 2001. Our important hate crime work continues in local communities and you can expect our updated research to be released later this year with our forthcoming 2019 Hate Crime Index.