We take particular interest in American public opinion polls that track the attitudes of our community; it’s kind of our thing. The Anti-Defamation League just did a survey, and we really wish they had talked to us first. In an important poll tracking the rise of anti-Semitism in the U.S. and across the world (yes, anti-Semitic crimes are indisputably on the rise and it’s a serious problem) the ADL specifically singled out the American Muslim community for questioning. Now, we do not want to assume that they were assuming that American Muslims hold the most anti-Semitic views in the U.S., so we’re not assuming that. But we’re concerned why American Muslims were the only group polled for their opinions on an extensive list of highly offensive Jewish stereotypes. We’re also concerned by the broader results and their positioning which seems to suggest that political support for Palestine walks hand-in-hand with anti-Semitism. The findings are unsettling for sure, but there are important questions on boring poll methodology that need to be answered before those results can be instructive. Until then we’re left very worried that this ADL poll only served to use the rise of anti-Semitism to negatively stereotype another community and fuel the misguided distrust of refugees and immigrants from the region.