Last week, DHS officially extended TPS for nationals of Sudan, as well as El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, and Nicaragua. This was not out of the kindness of the hearts within the Trump Administration, however. Remember that the administration extended, but did not re-designate, TPS for Syria this summer, and did the same for Yemen last summer, which means protection is restricted only to beneficiaries of earlier TPS designations, but not to new applicants. So why was TPS extended for Sudan and other countries? That’s because of a lawsuit, Ramos v. Nielsen, which has resulted in the court enjoining DHS from terminating TPS for these countries. The reason for the injunction? Because the administration changed the criteria for granting TPS “without any explanation or justification.” TPS for Sudan was originally set to expire January 2, 2020, but it will now be valid through January 4, 2021 (yay). This is an automatic extension, meaning holders will not have to take any actions at this time, and which also means beneficiaries can rest a little longer, knowing that they are safe while their home countries are in turmoil. For more information, see the Federal Registry Notice announcing the change.