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Responding to increasing requests from the Arab American community, the Department of Homeland Security has agreed to a meeting with community leaders to discuss the possibility of granting a Temporary Protected Status designation for Syrian nationals currently residing in the United States. AAI issued a letter to the Obama Administration in December requesting TPS for Syrians, and earlier this week the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee submitted a formal petition to DHS in support of same request.  

As the Syrian uprising nears the one-year mark, the situation on the ground has grown increasingly dangerous for average Syrian citizens. Many community members have expressed concern over the safety of Syrian nationals upon their return home from visits to the U.S. As a result, many Syrians currently in the U.S. are worried for their personal safety and the safety of their families if they return home.

If granted, TPS will allow Syrian citizens who are currently here–mostly as students and tourists–to stay in the U.S. until they can safely return home. It does not contribute to granting an immigrant permanent residence, and reverts the beneficiary to his or her previous immigration status as soon as the temporary protection ends.

The upcoming meeting will be a pivotal step in the potential implementation of TPS for Syrians–a meaningful achievement that would provide a small measure of relief for hundreds of individuals who fear returning home. Check back often for updates on this campaign, and please let us know if there are any particular issues you would like us to raise at the meeting.

Click here to read AAI’s letter to the Obama Administration

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