From shooting unarmed protesters to demolishing Palestinian homes, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has maintained zealous support for his policies from “pro-Israel” quarters, no matter how horrific. But it looks like Bibi has finally been able to locate the depths to which these groups are willing to sink, because he has finally gone too far for them. He has invited the extremist Otzma Yehudit to join his coalition. What’s Otzma Yehudit? That’s the political party formed by followers of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who proposed revoking the citizenship of non-Jewish Israelis, and the expulsion of all Palestinians from Jerusalem. Kahane was one of the founders of the Jewish Defense League (JDL), identified by the FBI as a terrorist organization back in 1985, and the group likely responsible for the murder of Arab American activist Alex Odeh. Another follower of Kahane murdered 29 Palestinians in a Hebron mosque. So now, even the very groups that smear US politicians who criticize Israel find Bibi’s overtures to Otzma Yehudit indefensible, and “pro-Israel” hacks are giving themselves a pat on the back for daring to speak out against Israel’s most rabid fanatics. But this is low-hanging fruit, guys. People of principle would choose to criticize all discrimination and violence against Palestinians, which spreads far beyond Otzma Yehudit and into mainstream Israeli governments that have long been in power.