So Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in the hot seat before Congress, and some were not quite prepared to ask the right questions, which led to some funny moments. But on the serious breach of privacy in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, things were anything but funny! The tense exchange led to an apology and a promise to conduct a “full audit” to get to the bottom of all this. But there is a different audit we and many of our friends have been asking Facebook for: We need an audit of the hate on Facebook, and the impact it has on our society. Zuckerberg claimed in the hearing that Facebook doesn’t tolerate hate speech, but that’s clearly belied by the heavy presence of prominent bigots and hateful memes and videos of all kinds. When Senator Cory Booker asked Zuckerberg about the audit request led by Muslims Advocates, Color of Change, and other civil rights organizations, Zuckerberg responded that this would be a good idea. Small problem, Mark: we’ve sent that letter back in October! Let’s stop putting this off, and let’s go ahead and #AuditFacebook (if you tweet about this, use the hashtag). Oh, and if this seems too complex to explain to your friends, we got you covered! Just share our video on Facebook and Twitter!