Last week’s election saw a large number of Arab Americans on the ballot, many of whom won their races, and all of whom ran impressive, responsive campaigns. The Blue Virginia Wave included three Arab Americans who were reelected to the House of Delegates: Sam Rasoul, Hala Ayala, and Ibraheem Samirah. On the local level, city councils across the country are welcoming new & returning faces to their ranks. In Lewiston, Maine, Safiya Khalid became the first American of Somali descent and the youngest person ever elected to the council; in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, Dave Abdallah was welcomed back to his seat; and Annissa Essaibi-George won a tight race to hold on to her seat in Boston, Massachusetts. Arab Americans won in races up and down the ballot, which is going to translate into effective, responsive policy-making in schools, towns, cities, states, and beyond. Also worth noting: New York City overwhelmingly approved Question 1 to bring Ranked Choice Voting to the city. This ballot initiative implements a voting system that empowers voters, saves time and money, and ensures candidates are bringing their best to all communities. There is good news all around the country, and we want to congratulate every candidate, volunteer, and organization that engaged in elections this year.