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(Pictured left to right: John H. Sununu, Justin Amash, Richard Hanna)

Three key endorsements by Arab American elected officials have bolstered the campaigns of three GOP candidates seeking the Republican nomination for President. Former New Hampshire Governor John  Sununu, Freshman GOP Congressman Justin Amash (MI-3) and Congressman Richard Hanna (R-NY) have all thrown their weight behind the candidates they believe should win the republican nomination and the presidency.

As a former New Hampshire Governor and White House Chief of Staff under President George H.W. Bush, John Sununu has been a key spokesman for the Romney campaign and a surrogate for the candidate in New Hampshire. His endorsement helped secure Romney’s dominance in the polls leading up to the Granite State’s primaries, a contest Romney won by large margins. Sununu gave three reasons for endorsing Romney in October, including his commitment to cutting spending and cutting taxes. Sununu is likely to play a key role for the campaign going forward. Mitt Romney released this statement about Governor Sununu prior to the New Hampshire primary on his campaign website:

Governor Sununu is one of the most respected public servants in New Hampshire and he has stood for the values that are important to Granite Staters: hard work, individualism, and fiscal responsibility. His advice and counsel will be important as I work to earn support from voters in the Granite State and work to fix our troubled economy.

Justin Amash, a Freshman Congressman representing Michigan’s third congressional district, is a public official we’ve highlighted before. His endorsement of Texas Congressman Ron Paul was not a surprise—the two have virtually the same voting tendencies and are ideologically similar. In fact, Amash’s projected future as a Member of Congress is likely place him in a similar role to the one Ron Paul occupies today. Thus, his endorsement will prove highly significant for the future of libertarianism in mainstream republican politics regardless of whether or not Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination. Nevertheless, Ron Paul’s relative success in the polls and the enthusiastic support he’s garnered, have demonstrated an ability to get people excited about libertarian ideas. Hence, the legacy of Ron Paul’s campaign is likely to have a profound effect on Amash and his brand of politics in the future. If on the off-chance Ron Paul does make it to Michigan (a swing state), Amash will definitely be a good friend to have. Paul’s website touts Amash’s endorsement and labels him a “rising star” and “limited government advocate.”

The final endorsement worth noting is New York Congressman Richard Hanna’s (R-24th) of Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman. Hanna’s endorsement of Huntsman constitutes the first made by any member of Member of Congress. Hanna’s endorsement is unlikely to yield any sort of palpable return for Huntsman’s struggling campaign, but if the former ambassador to China were to perform reasonably well in South Carolina and Florida, momentum could shift in his favor. In any case, an endorsement from a Member of Congress is a positive thing and Hanna is the first to offer his support for the candidate. Hanna said he supports Huntsman because “he stands for pro-growth economic solutions, individual liberty, and a strong, smart America on the world stage."

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