Offering a not-so-subtle reminder of just how much we still don’t know about the activities of U.S. intelligence agencies, this week more Snowden files were released for public treasure hunting. A series of monthly in-house newsletters have already managed to illuminate the inner workings of a top surveillance program overseas including the rendition of the “Algerian Six” to Guantanamo Bay. Ensuring that we know as little as possible about secretive (but undoubtedly necessary) intelligence activities, the CIA this week “mistakenly” destroyed its only copy of the US Torture Report that detailed the agency’s torture techniques at places like the Guantanamo facility. One person willing to talk (not counting the whistleblowers who are facing no legal protections) is former CIA Director Michael Hayden, who published his memoir recounting and defending the intelligence activities that Snowden and the Torture Report detail. We’d say that it’s ironic timing, but we’re not entirely sure there’s anything that Hayden wouldn’t offer a full-throated defense of – well, maybe President Trump’s orders.