Donald Trump put in a relatively tame performance in the first GOP debate. Despite differences Fox News has with Trump as a Republican presidential candidate, they can't argue with the numbers. It's impossible to say for sure, but it is highly likely that the record-breaking 24 million viewers who tuned in were waiting for Trump's trademark off the rails bombast to be on full display. Though they had to wait until after the show. The claws came out post debate as Trump complained about how he was treated, including a disgraceful attack zeroing in on Fox News debate host Megyn Kelly. But, the viewers leapt to Trump's defense. Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, no fan of Trump, rather than respond to disgusting insults against his employees, or Trump's refusal to pledge not to run as an independent against whoever is selected as the Republican nominee—chose to focus on the potential ratings and bury the hatchet. We still have many months ahead in this Presidential race and Ailes appears to consider the potential boon to his network's ratings in reconciling with Trump to be more important than getting back on track and focusing on covering serious presidential candidates discussing issues that will affect Americans. The American people, particularly Republicans, deserve more from the coverage of this Presidential race.