It took a month to get the President to denounce anti-Semitism, but he has yet to denounce the anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry that his White House is also at fault for promulgating. We aren't hopeful that the President or any of his cronies will correct the record any time soon. Unlike anti-Semitism that the White House seemingly hoped to just side step, the same White House is actively looking (and already has) installed unapologetically anti-Muslim policies. Which is not a shock to anyone who watched the campaign and/or is familiar with the White House inner circle of white supremacy and anti-Muslim bigotry.  From Stephen Bannon, to Dr. Sebastian Gorka, to Trump himself - we are not surprised to be staring down the increasing criminalization, marginalization, exclusion, and surveillance of Arab Americans and American Muslims. Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been asked twice now to condemn the rise in anti-Muslim hate, and twice he has refused. Spicer's response to this request just two days ago is instructive. When asked to simply condemn it, he pivoted to the President's desire to fight "radical Islamic terrorism." But the White House can't side step this for too long, their plans for a Muslim Ban 2.0 and their plan to repurpose Countering Violent Extremism will put the Administration's anti-Islam, anti-Arab agenda squarely in the eye of the storm. Again, this should be easy.