Where to start? We are still dumbfounded as to why the President of the United States - which is home to approximately 5.3 million American Jews - would repeatedly equivocate (one timetwo timesthree times) when asked to specifically denounce anti-Semitism. His omission of any clear condemnation of anti-Jewish hate speech and crimes is more than just a repugnant misstep. It actually is anti-Semitic and it is breeding more anti-Semitism, just look at the St. Louis cemetery hate crime. And while the President dodged the issue, the factual problem of increasing anti-Semitism in the U.S. was allowed to be opportunistically and wrongly conflated with activism on college campuses for Palestine [we want to be clear: anti-Semitism is real, criticizing Israeli policy is not by itself anti-Semitic]. The President's lack of leadership plays a dangerous game of denying that anti-Semitism exists and is a problem, which then breeds fear and anger among American Jews while emboldening the unsavory parts of Trump's white nationalist base that are in the business of promoting anti-Semitism. When the President finally made a comment on the manner following the St. Louis obscenity, it was seriously lacking substantive leadership, vision and empathy. His words ring empty because of the month he spent dancing around the issue uncomfortably and confusingly. It's an easy issue. Be clear, Mr. President.