In what has been a great week for the peace process, more ink has been spilled trying to philosophize a solution to the worsening problems on the ground. Let’s start with the Quartet, who in a great sign of hope for negotiations decided that it was time to write a report about what the challenges to peace are rather than acting on the common knowledge that things like settlement growth, violence, land annexation--you know, the occupation--are obvious obstacles to peace. But no, let’s write a report about it first! The “never say die” crowd was also at it again, with Dennis Ross and David Makovsky penning a paper for the Washington Post making the totally not a big deal suggestion that the U.S. should accept some settlements as legitimate and not at all a problem. Congress is doing a good enough job changing U.S. policy on settlements by themselves they don’t need Ross and Makovsky to create philosophical space for that problematic argument. The last writer-culprit of the week is Israeli MK Isaac Herzog who The New York Times decided to give inches to this week for his abominable op-ed suggesting that it’s time we all “look reality in the eye” and allow Israel to annex everything West of the separation wall and “physically and politically” separate Palestinians from Israelis in East Jerusalem.  Together, Ross, Makovsky, and Herzog are moving those goal posts further and further to the right, giving Israel more and more and Palestinians less and less. We are extending our best wishes to Vice President Joe Biden who is travelling to Israel next week, and we’re hoping he hasn’t read any of these bad ideas. We’ll let you know how it goes next week.