Our government is trying its best to combat ISIL's very real social media allure, but the office created to carry out that mission is taking a dumbfounding approach to doing so. The Department of State's Think Again, Turn Away twitter account tries its best to tell "some truths about terrorism" (their words), often exposing truly inhumane realities about ISIL's brutality. So, we were confused to see the campaign retweet this year's Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice award recipients, one of which is the notorious Islamophobe Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The Lantos Foundation is free to do what it wants, but it is an extraordinary mistake for a Department of State twitter account to amplify Ali's profile and give the stamp of approval to her message. Do they really approve of her claim that the entire Islamic faith is a death cult? We get that sometimes mistakes happen and bad tweets get sent, but the tweet was later defended by the State Department because, according to the official, sometimes they may say things that “can make someone unhappy.”  We’re not just unhappy. To others (hint, terrorists) the tweet suggests the terrorists are correct in asserting the Western World is at war with Islam. The effectiveness of the “Think Again, Turn Away” campaign overall can be debated by thoughtful people. This is not about that. We’re trying to save the taxpayers some money and the government some embarrassment by having them correct their mistake instead of defending it.