The President has really stepped in it when he fired off a bizarre and serious tweet accusing former President Obama of “wiretapping” his campaign – specifically his penthouse home and office in Trump Tower. We’re now 12 days post-tweet, it appears the matter is being put to bed (in the sense that it is becoming clear the President doesn’t understand how surveillance works and that the President is comfortable firing off baseless, explosive allegations without a shred of proof or any attempt to learn it). We’re hoping, however, the surreal drama isn’t put to bed entirely. With so much attention on U.S. surveillance practices there’s also a new clamoring for surveillance reform – ok, maybe not a “clamoring” but at least surveillance awareness is at an all-time high, so much so that certain Trump-aligned members of Congress who have NEVER supported surveillance reform but are now really excited to reign in U.S. surveillance practices. And we’re hoping to translate the increasing awareness into momentum for meaningful surveillance reform. We’ve been doggedly trying to get this issue on the tip of everyone’s tongues, as it should be. Civil rights loving citizens have a big opportunity this year to reform one of the most rights-infringing aspects of the U.S. surveillance authority: Section 702 of the FISA Amendments. It’s a complicated issue. But it boils down to an opportunity to protect civil rights from accidental but highly consequential mass surveillance. Join us to support reform. We’ll be talking about it all year.