You know the story by now: Lawmakers eager to pander to Israel pass unconstitutional bills to suppress the right of American citizens to engage in political boycotts against Israel or its illegal settlements, then the courts strike them down over violations of the First Amendment (as they did in Texas, Arizona and Kansas), and then the pandering lawmakers tweak the bills to make them harder to challenge in court. Well, here we are again, with H.Res. 246, a bill that demonizes the BDS Campaign with a variety of false accusations, but which stops short of prescribing specific punishments for those who engage in boycotts, making it harder to challenge in court. As you can learn in more detail in our full analysis, H.Res. 246 is a ploy to squeeze members of Congress into becoming more active in suppression efforts against Palestinian human rights advocacy, and to isolate advocates for Palestinian human rights, making any contact or engagement with them seem morally wrong and politically toxic. So why is House Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel advancing it through committee? Tell him not to.