So Donald Trump is hosting a conference on dealing with the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The Palestinians, upset over the Jerusalem decision, have refused to attend, but...Israel is at the conference? Um, can we save you guys some time and let you in on a little secret? Gaza isn’t suffering from a natural disaster, it’s suffering from an unlawful siege. You don’t need a conference to figure out how to solve it, just tell Israel to lift the siege they imposed. But the gem everyone is waiting for is Trump’s “ultimate deal,” to be released any time now. No one knows what’s in it yet, but “unconfirmed reports say the US" plan is to propose Abu Dis, a town outside Jerusalem, as an alternative capital of a future Palestinian state. Palestinians would not hold full passports or control their own airspace or borders under the proposals. If you can’t tell if this would be the Netanyahu plan or the Trump plan, you’re not alone. Also, can we please not call it a “peace” plan since it can’t possibly lead to a lasting peace? Lasting peace requires this weird thing called “justice.” But we won’t end Countdown without another awesome video from our president Jim Zogby, explaining AIPAC’s contradictions and why, despite all this madness, there is still hope for the future of U.S. policy in Israel/Palestine. And here it is if you prefer Facebook or Twitter.