Yemen has been facing a humanitarian disaster for years now, after the Saudi-led coalition intervened to topple Iranian-backed Houthi rebels who took over the government some 3 years ago. Thousands of Yemenis have been killed in the fighting, and no less than a million Yemeni children, cut off from clean water, are at risk of getting cholera.  It’s hard to imagine how things could get worse, but they did. After the Houthis fired a ballistic missile aimed at the Saudi capital (which was intercepted), Saudi Arabia stepped up the bombing of Yemen and tightened the siege on the country. The UN is now warning that “untold thousands” of innocent Yemenis will die if the blockade isn’t lifted, in what is being dubbed “the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.” Devoid of the human toll, the proxy squabble over power and influence in Yemen is perfectly understandable. But when the devastation is on this scale, humanity must come before regional politics. That’s why we think this war should end immediately, and we call on our government and all parties with leverage in the region to look for non-violent ways to resolve the dispute over Yemen. This is a pressing moral responsibility we’ll be judged for by future generations.