This is nothing new, but we feel obliged to say it anew after the events of the past two weeks in Israel: the language of the two state solution has lost all meaning. If you can do what Bibi has done in the very recent past [i.e. ally with Avigdor Lieberman and appoint him to a crucial government posting, turn a blind eye when the Justice Minister says there will be no Palestinian state on her watch, and authorize new settlement construction in the powder keg of East Jerusalem of all places] and then say that you’re interesting in revisiting the Arab Peace Initiative’s vision for a two state solution - - it just shows how very empty the language of two states has become for Israel’s government. Bibi-apologists will – we’re sure – find ways to explain away the anti-peace moves as hard realities or true leadership or simply misunderstood statements, but maybe now the rest of us will finally call a spade a spade. We’re looking at you Secretary Kerry, and we know you’re on the way to the Paris Middle East Peace conference this week.