Today might just be the day that Donald Trump changes his tune, after all, he is meeting in a much hyped closed-door meeting with the highly respectable GOP leader and Speaker of the House, Congressman Paul Ryan. But we’re not holding our breath. While the media is laser focused on finding small hints of moderation in Trump’s rhetoric (15 hours and counting without a tweet!), some are suggesting that Trump has softened his “Muslim ban” policy over the course of the last day. We’re not buying it. How can he possibly have softened his tone while at the same time considering a commission headed by none other than Rudy Giuliani to “figure out” what’s going on with “radical Islam” (his words, not ours). It’s infinitely hard to believe that Trump is softening his tone on the bigoted ban while at the same time finding ways to implement it. Giuliani did not seem to know much about Trump’s commission yesterday, but he did offer his deep thoughts that studying “how to distinguish between all the good people who are Muslims and the bad ones, is a good idea.” Are we really at the point where the good Muslim vs. bad Muslim paradigm has become not only an ignorant sound byte, but now an actual field of government research? We sure hope Paul Ryan talks him down from his newest terrible idea.