Back in June, we wrote to you about the Supreme Court’s decision to punt the ball on gerrymandering back to the states rather than take a stand against partisan redistricting. One of the two cases they considered came out of North Carolina, where Republican lawmakers intentionally drew congressional maps to give their party an advantage. After SCOTUS’s refusal to protect democracy at the federal level, advocates dug in their heels on a state-by-state model to end partisan redistricting once and for all. In the first (but we’re betting not last!) victory against gerrymandering since June, a three-judge panel ruled North Carolina’s General Assembly maps violate the state constitution. The court is mandating the General Assembly redraw the maps, with some serious stipulations: they can’t use the bad 2017 maps as a starting point, there must be full transparency and opportunities for the public to weigh in, and they have two weeks to do it. These transparency measures send a strong message to lawmakers: in this democracy, redistricting is for the benefit of the people, and those people are on to you. So, which state wants to go next? We have some great tips on how to get started in yours.