The President Obama's final State of the Union Address was meant to optimistically take stock of the progress the nation has made under his 7 year Administration, and it did. But did anyone else get the sense that the President was unafraid to paint a decidedly discordant vision of his relationship with Congress? Right off the bat, nobody missed the blatant teasing of the presidential candidates in the crowd who would rather be in Iowa campaigning for votes ahead of the all important caucuses February 1st. And certain high profile guests of members of Congress not only didn't get a handshake but also got a pretty clear "not gonna happen" regarding Republican efforts in Congress to dismantle some of the President’s most proudly held accomplishments like so-called Obamacare and marriage equality. And defying Congressional wishes, President Obama's wide-ranging speech skipped right over the incident of American sailors being detained by Iran. We did catch some pretty great moments of unity though, like the bi-partisan standing ovation for President Obama’s condemnation of bigoted rhetoric and policies playing out on the campaign trail and in the halls of Congress, as well as the halls of middle schools across the country. And we've got to applaud the 12+ members of Congress who put a face to that important part of the President's speech by inviting an American Muslim constituent from their district to attend the speech in person. And even we were tearing up when the camera panned to the recently resettled Syrian refugee Refaai Hamo sitting in the First Lady's box that night. 

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