Unabated violence and destruction in Syria has finally boiled over here in Washington, D.C. Last week, 51 diplomats signed and submitted a memo challenging President Obama’s hands-off Syria policy through the Department of State’s dissent channel. Most are saying that this pretty unusual and noteworthy insurrection within his administration is not likely to change the President’s approach, even though many theorize that the President does really care what the headlines are saying about him as he is winding down his final term. The memo urges the President to use military action to force the hand of Bashar al-Assad to negotiate, and implies Obama’s unflinchingly patient diplomacy is broken. But even the loudest headlines – and there have been innumerable heartbreakingsensationaldevastating front page news items – aren’t shifting that complicated calculation the President and his advisors are making about more aggressive intervention in Syria. At the end of the day, it looks like we will get more debate on Syria policy, but not much change.