While the Department of Homeland Security is going to great pains to find aggressive but legal ways to monitor and respond to social media to prevent acts of domestic terrorism, with regards to non-citizens they are all aggression. Duh, if you're not a U.S. citizen you don't have the rights of one. So, a 23-year old Egyptian kid studying in California was deported for posting this on his Facebook account, "I literally don't mind taking a lifetime sentence in jail for killing this guy [Donald Trump], I would actually be doing the whole world a favor." The post isn't just dumb, it's serious and scary. The student got investigated by the Secret Service, expelled from his program, stripped of his student visa, and then agreed to self deport back to Egypt. But we can't help but note two slippery slopes this whole incident brings to mind: first, when online behavior crosses an invisible line to become action; and, the growing feeling that the U.S. government treats Arabs and Muslims as perceived threats to national security in a way that doesn't always apply to those who aren't.

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