You may be familiar with ongoing efforts in Congress to defund the Palestinian Authority (PA), on the grounds that it sponsors terrorism against Israel. Yes, these allegations are against the very same PA heavily criticized by Palestinians for its tight security cooperation with Israel, and the very one heavily praised by the US State Department for its efforts to combat incitement and terrorism. We can’t recount all the falsehoods and logical contradictions in these terrorism allegations here, but you can fully understand how wrong they are by reading this. New Jersey’s Cory Booker was one of few senators with enough common sense to vote against efforts to defund the PA on these grounds, and he’s now on the receiving end of a hysterical smear campaign, claiming he “betrayed vulnerable Jews” and “threw Israel under the bus”. A video ad from the Committee for Israel encourages its supporters to call Booker and “tell him we noticed” this imaginary betrayal. Well, um, we’ve noticed too that Booker is capable of elementary common sense on this issue. But wait, scratch that – BREAKING NEWS – Booker will now support the Taylor Force Act after an amendment was agreed to just sever aid that “directly benefits the Palestinian Authority.” In practice, we don’t think the bill or the amendment make much sense. Now how much the ad played into this we can only guess. But thankfully there is actually more common sense floating around the Senate, with rising Democratic Party stars like Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren coming out against efforts to criminalize boycotts of Israel, because they see how obviously they violate First Amendment rights. Expect the crime of common sense to continue to elicit the manufactured outrage so commonplace in this day and age.