Oversight hearings were once a staid affair. But when you combine a provocative White House and a reactive Congress, “bring your popcorn.” In the first of what we can expect to be many acrimonious testimonies of Trump cabinet officials during the 116th Congress, last week the Acting Attorney General (italics added for emphasis) laid waste to the decorum once afforded a body so esteemed as the House Judiciary Committee. The subject was oversight of the Department of Justice, which many of those involved, including some committee members, seemed to overlook. Instead, the audience was dealt an apparent audition for a B-rated mafia flick from the Acting AG. In turn, multiple committee members, struck incredulous with such impudent behavior from the nation’s top law enforcement officer, blinked. If you missed the pilot episode, don’t worry, you can watch a recap on Saturday Night Live, or you can tune in for a second take: even though the Acting AG is now out of a job at Justice, he might get a callback from the committee.