Putting Clinton's confidence in her minority appeal to the test, Sanders is seriously challenging the Clinton campaign's assumed support from communities of color - even though he trails Clinton 74% to 17% with respect to African American voters in South Carolina. Senator Sanders' recent meeting with Al Sharpton and the somewhat begrudging but still important endorsement of his campaign by prominent African American luminary Ta-Neshisi Coates, are all signs that Sanders is not conceding an early defeat like the Clinton campaign did in New Hampshire; and a warning that Clinton shouldn't count her eggs before they're hatched. But Clinton is doing her best too, with a high profile trip to Flint, Michigan, last week's endorsement from the Congressional Black Caucus PAC (with a few recent detractions), and her own meeting with not only Al Sharpton - who is not by any means a gatekeeper to the black vote - but leaders from respected African American civil rights organizations as well. Clinton also went to Harlem earlier this week to deliver a long and substantive address on the concerns of African Americans. All in all, if both Democrats are going to continue pandering to the African American vote by elevating important issues and putting forward real policy solutions to some of the most systematic inequalities in our nation - pander on!

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