President Obama has ordered at least 50 special operations forces to Syria in an effort to fight ISIL in the region. Although this seems like a contradiction to the President’s “no boots on the ground” comment in 2013, the White House insists that the special operations forces will be deployed only to “train, advise, and assist.” According to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, the “no boots on the ground” comment only refers to Obama’s refusal to send combat troops to take down Assad. The entire narrative with that comment was that Obama wasn’t going to repeat President’s Bush’s mistake by sending combat troops overseas (aka to Iraq) to take down their president (aka Saddam Hussein) because as we learned, that was a big mistake. The Administration also maintains the claim that sending special operations forces has no significant impact on the ground in Syria because this effort only continues the ongoing airstrikes against ISIL. This order comes during a new round of diplomatic talks in Vienna on the future of Syria, increased Russian military involvement in the region, and increased pressure on the United States to fight ISIL more actively.